(Dr. Ronald Allan Charles' stamp articles have appeared in American Judo and Growing Judo, official publications of the United States Judo Association.)

Americans on Judo Stamps explains why dying to be on an American stamp traditionally is not a bright idea.  See your favorite judoka on stamps, an envelope, and a souvenir sheet.

Designer Judogi Colors surveys the colorful world of judogi on stamps.  
Judo First Day Covers discusses these items and their attraction to collectors, with colorful examples.

First Day Covers with Judo Coins shows FDCs that feature coins and coins showing stamps.
Judo Postmarks discusses judo cancellation marks.

Judo:  Sport for All Species is a humorous article describing non-humans in judogi on a phonecard, postal card, envelope and stamps. 

Program on Martial Arts Stamps, Coins, and Phonecards describes a program that Master Collector Ronald Allan Charles conducted several times at The Greatest Camp on Earth in North Carolina, USA, Earth.
The Safest Activity of All:  Judo Stamp Collecting describes oddities concerning judo stamps and First Day Covers.  

Sticking Around features Cinderellas, items that look like but are not genuine postage stamps, and some real stamps of American judoka.

Martial Arts Stamps illustrates about 25 martial arts that have been featured on stamps.

In Search of Martial Arts Stamps by explains how to locate stamps of 33 martial arts. 

Collecting Judo Stamps Can Save Lives describes 18 recently issued martial arts stamps by the newest and one of the poorest countries on the planet, South Sudan.

Cinderella and Vladimir Putin explores the relationship between these two famous characters as they relate to judo stamps.


(The following articles in Dutch by Master Collector Piet van Hool have appeared in Judo Contact, the official publication of the Belgian Judo Federation.  All are in Dutch.)

Een Ander Aspect van Judo l covers several aspects of philately.

Een Ander Aspect van Judo:  Judo Aspect via de Filatelie covers Greek issues of the Athens Olympics.

Een Ander Aspect van Judo:  Ons Judo-Postzegelhoekje discusses issues from Austria and Belgium.
Een Ander Aspect van Judo:  Vervolg describes collecting judo stamps, phonecards, souvenir sheets, and postmarks.  

Filatelie op de Tatami describes stamps from Ajman. 

Filatelie op de Tatami discusses current stamps of Austria, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands.

Filatelie op de Tatami describes cartoon martial artist characters on stamps.

Filatelie op de Tatami describes issues of Cuba.

Filatelie op de Tatami is another article about Cuban judo issues.

Filatelie op de Tatami is about a 2000 Sydney Olympics stamp sheet from Guinè-Bissau honoring nine judo champions. 

Filatelie op de Tatami features stamps of the People’s Republic of Korea.

Filatelie op de Tatami is another article about stamps of the People’s Republic of Korea.
Filatelie op de Tatami covers the souvenir sheet issued by Kyrgyzstan for the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

Filatelie op de Tatami features judo stamps of Mongolia.

Filatelie op de Tatami features new issues by Portugal, plus single stamps from three other nations.

Judo Aspect 2 features judo stamps, cancellations, and phonecards. 


(Franky Dubois authored the following pieces.  Master Collector Franky Dubois writes in Dutch.)

Judo op Postzegel --  Judo Door de Jaren Heen discusses judo stamps.  

Judo op Postzegel -- Judo in België describes Belgian philatelic issues.


(Dr. Ronald Allan Charles' coin articles have appeared in American Judo and Growing Judo, official publications of the United States Judo Association.)

Judo Coins describes coins.

Judo Coins -- Unusual Designs discusses metal contents, shapes, and colors, plus virtual judo coins.

Judo Coins on Stamps and Stamps on Coins shows these novel items that appeal to both stamp and coin collectors.


(Dr. Ronald Allan Charles' phonecard articles have appeared in American Judo and Growing Judo, official publications of the United States Judo Association.)

Judo Phonecards tells about collecting these, with images of the most interesting.

Martial Arts Phonecards shows the many martial arts depicted on phonecards.  Article.americansonjudostamps.htmlArticle.designerjudogicolors.htmlArticle.judofirstdaycovers.htmlArticle.firstdaycoverswithjudocoins.htmlArticle.judopostmarks.htmlArticle.judosportforallspecies.htmlArticle.programonmartialartsstamps.htmlArticle.safestactivityofall.htmlArticle.stickingaround.htmlArticle.martialartsstamps.pdf.htmlArticle.insearchofmartialartsstamps.htmlArticle.collectingjudostampscansavelives.htmlArticle.cinderellaandvladimirputin.htmlArticle.eenanderaspect.philately.htmlArticle.eenanderaspect.athens.htmlArticle.eenanderaspect.austria.belgium.htmlArticle.eenanderaspect.vervolg.htmlArticle.filatelietatame.ajman.htmlArticle.filatelietatame.austria.lux.htmlArticle.filatelietatame.cartoons.htmlArticle.filateliecuba1.htmlArticle.filatelie.cuba2.htmlArticle.filatelie.guine-bissau.htmlArticle.filatelie.n.korea.htmlArticle.filatelie.n.korea2.htmlArticle.filatelie.kyrgyzstan.htmlArticle.filatelie.mongolia.htmlArticle.filatelietatame.portugal.htmlArticle.judoaspect2.htmlArticle.judopostzegeldeel1.htmlArticle.judopostzegeldeel2.htmlArticle.judocoins.htmlArticle.judocoins.unusualdesigns.htmlArticle.judocoinsonstampsandstampsoncoins.htmlArticle.judophonecards.htmlArticle.martialartsphonecards.htmlArticles_2_files/MartialArtsStamps.pdfshapeimage_5_link_0shapeimage_5_link_1shapeimage_5_link_2shapeimage_5_link_3shapeimage_5_link_4shapeimage_5_link_5shapeimage_5_link_6shapeimage_5_link_7shapeimage_5_link_8shapeimage_5_link_9shapeimage_5_link_10shapeimage_5_link_11shapeimage_5_link_12shapeimage_5_link_13shapeimage_5_link_14shapeimage_5_link_15shapeimage_5_link_16shapeimage_5_link_17shapeimage_5_link_18shapeimage_5_link_19shapeimage_5_link_20shapeimage_5_link_21shapeimage_5_link_22shapeimage_5_link_23shapeimage_5_link_24shapeimage_5_link_25shapeimage_5_link_26shapeimage_5_link_27shapeimage_5_link_28shapeimage_5_link_29shapeimage_5_link_30shapeimage_5_link_31shapeimage_5_link_32shapeimage_5_link_33shapeimage_5_link_34shapeimage_5_link_35