compiled and updated by Ronald Allan Charles, Ph.D.

(Last updated October 27, 2017)

Welcome to the world's greatest collection of martial arts stamps, coins, and phone cards!  Most of these items concern judo.  Without a single recorded injury, judo stamp collecting has to be the safest judo-related activity of all, safer even than kata judging and refereeing.  Now it is even easier to learn more about this non-vigorous aspect of our sport.   I offer the Stamp, Coin, and Telephone Card website to assist you.  In return I ask that you inform me about omissions, errors, and new issues.  Not all images are actual size.

(Sensei Barry Stebbins designed the above item featuring Dr. Ronald Allan Charles throwing partner Terry Q. Aumock.  Called a Cinderella, it is not a real postage stamp.)

Featured Stamp Item

Although this item is attached to a stamp, making it a vignette rather than a stamp with stated value, its uncanny resemblance to Dr. Ronald Allan Charles (above), without his beard and hair, merits its inclusion in this prime-time presentation of the Stamps, Coins, and Phonecards website.

Featured Phonecard

Check out the nearly 600 telephone cards in this collection.  Below is one from Brazil.

Featured Miscellaneous

This is a virtual judo coin, not real, designed by yours truly with the technical wizardry of Barry Stebbins.  Many countries have issued real coins featuring judo, spendable.

This Sierra Leone s/s stamp features American Kayla Harrison on border.