Belgian judo stamp collector Petrus Van Hool of Antwerp appears

                                               on personalized vignette (authorized and accepted by postal authorities)

                                               of official stamp.  Piet, a 3rd dan, teaches judo in Antwerp and is

                                               the primary source for judo and telephone card images and data for this


Martial Arts Collection ( contains a wealth of images and data on philatelic items and phonecards of many martial arts collected and maintained by Piet Van Hool of Belgium.  Van Hool Sensei was instrumental in making THIS site comprehensive for stamps and telephone cards. 

Franky Dubois ( of Belgium has a wonderful stamp and FDC collection, in both English and Dutch.  Spanish is under development.

Mike Heath ( of the United Kingdom has created an incredibly beautiful site for taekwondo stamps.  He has well over 150 now and is adding material as fast as he finds it.  Mike would appreciate your sending taekwondo stamp images and information his way. 

Roman Andreyanov (роман андреянов) of Moscow is a judo pin collector.  He has the world’s largest collection and is eager to meet and maybe trade with others sharing this hobby.  Many of us USE judo pins on the tatami, but Roman enjoys judo pins that he can display on the wall!

Zazzle ( sells hundreds of customized martial arts stamps and templates for ones that visitors can design.  These personalized 44¢ stamps are approved by the U.S. Postal Service for sending envelopes through the mail.  They cost more than traditional postal-issued stamps.  Many are nicely done and are colorful and creative.

For customized martial arts stamps, check out

Samurai Judo Association, home club of Dr. Ronald Allan Charles and the largest judo club in the United States Judo Association, at